The world is now struggling to recover from its plastic pollution hangover.

The same businesses that once benefited from public excitement over plastic are increasingly feeling public pressure to use alternatives.

Due to this increasing environmental awareness, we are working with our manufacturing partners – combining with their abundant manufacturing experience on agricultural residue fibres and composites; from coffee beans, sugar cane and bamboo fibre and rice husk – to make every-day products greener and safer for the planet.

The rice husk composite is mainly made of rice husk with a few natural starches. Combining with bioplastic material – Polylactic Acid, rice husk composite stands out because of its more simple and low energy consumption production process. Most importantly, it comes from agricultural residue.

We care about the environment and think about how to create values from agricultural by-products.

Ready to change the world?
Let us start with the simple of things.  –  Straws.

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